Open house 10-11 giugno 2019

Open house 10-11 giugno 2019

EVOLUTION 1208 mod. 130

  • Number of colors: 8
  • Print width: 1300 mm
  • Print length range: from 470 to 1250
  • Ink type: water-based inks (the customer will print on paper)
  • ReWinder and UnWinder: Automatic reel change with flying splice (bidirectional)
  • Automatic print pressure preset A3P®
  • Drying system with Gas burner
  • Automatic ink and washing system AC-System
  • Viscosity Controls type INKFLOW-C14
  • Pneumatic sleeve-ejecting device
  • UPS
  • Video Camera: BST “Superhandyscan 400” with smart register

On the following days, we’re showing our machine “EVOLUTION 1208 GL mod. 130 – GEARLESS” to print on Paper

The machine will be installed in HUNGARY.

The reliability of our brand allowed us to be appreciated also by important international groups.

Updates on new technologies is an important factor for all operators. Join us to see our technological feature and the user-friendliness of our machines!